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The Best Malls To Buy Clothes From In Nairobi’s CBD

Source: LabelleFashion/Instagram
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These are the best malls to buy clothes from in Nairobi’s CBD.

There are many shopping malls in the heart of Nairobi and it is usually hard to choose the right place to go to when you are looking for new clothing and accessories. These shopping malls in the CBD are the not only amazing because there are many stores all in the same building but also because the prices of items are super low! The shopping malls are also well located on major streets in Nairobi, making them safe and also convenient.

These are the best shopping malls to buy clothes from in Nairobi.
Sasa Mall.
Labelle Fashion Kenya Kitenge Looks Fashion Style KEnya

Source: LabelleFashion/Instagram

World Business Centre.
corazon kwamboka in short dress

Source: Instagram

Imenti House.
Vera Sidika Otile Brown Fashion Maxi Dress KEnya

Source Queen Vee Bosset/Instagram

Star Mall.
fancy dresses

Source: Instagram.

Jamia Mall.
Over 25 Kenya

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