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So Pretty! Here’s How To Rock Tassel Earrings For Different Occasions.

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Tassel earrings are back to stay!

We have seen tassels come back into the fashion scene from being incorporated on bags to clothes and now the latest trend is on earrings. With different styles and colours to choose from, tassel earrings have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They have the power to elevate one’s look with little effort and that’s why we love them. This article is definitely going to show you how to get the right pair for the right occasion!

Here Are Our 5 Top Picks Of Tassel Earrings:
1. Mini-Tassel Earrings.

Lightweight and tiny to the eye, these mini-tassel earrings are best suited for a girl who wants to stay trendy but not too loud. These can be worn to the office due to their size and their neutral colour.

Mini-Tassel Earrings

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2. Beaded Tassel Earrings.

As opposed to the normal tassel earrings made with thread, these beaded ones bring a fresh vibe and elegance to any outfit. We love how the beads can be easily worn with any outfit.

Beaded Tassel Earings

Source: Catchbliss

3. Boho Tassel Earrings.

For the boho chics, we got you! This pair would definitely make you stand out while still sticking to your bohemian roots. The multi-coloured tassels and the gold details definitely make this pair one of a kind.

4. Statement Tassel Earrings.

As the name suggests, this pair is meant to stand out in a crowd and be the focus of your outfit. The yellow with the pink makes it pop and vibrant. It’s best worn for dinner with friends.

Tassel Earrings

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Are we going to see you in Tassel earrings? Let us know which one is your favourite pair!

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