Young Men Step Out Of The Way! This “Mzee” Got The Looks & The Style To Match – ZUMI

Young Men Step Out Of The Way! This “Mzee” Got The Looks & The Style To Match

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Well, well well!

Ladies, we are currently obsessing about how older men are becoming more and more stylish in these streets. Not in Kenya of course (lol ). There is one Mr. Irvin Randle’s style is making young men’s fashion sense look like a joke and making ladies slide in his DM. He is quite the fashionable old man and we have some of 4 amazing images from his Instagram. Take a look.

Check OutIrvin Randle’s Stylish Ways:
1. Camo Look.

We all love men in uniform and Irvin Randle is doing his duty. A man pulling off a jumpsuit style is quite ultra modern plus her really looks good in it.

2. Athleisure Style.

This grandpa can style his track pants in a unique way don’t you think? Irvin’s casually thrown over his blazer on the printed jogger jacket and pants.

3. Mr. Dapper Guy.

Mr. Randle looks dashing in this suit right here. Suits that are perfectly tailored to one’s body turn out great. Plus we are loving the brown hat.

4. Casual Wear.

Well, call the press ladies! This has to be our most favourite look when it comes to Mr.Randles style. Some snake print here and there with a matching hat.

Well, do we have any older Kenyan men who can match up to Irvin’s dressing standards? We would love to know.

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