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4 Super Stylish Kenyan Celeb Babies Who Will Make You Go Aww

Stylish Kenyan Celebrity Babies
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These celeb babies are such fashion goals.

There’s nothing more cute than a child with a sense of style. When they dress well, you’re not too sure whether to praise them or their creative parents for a job well done. Celebrity kids in particular need to make a statement, which they do so well at times, we can’t help but find it adorable.

Here are 4 super stylish celeb babies:
1. Yvanna Mueni.

Singer Bahati’s first born daughter slays better than her father. First of all, her hair is just goals here. Just like Yvanna, you need to get a plain white tee that you can pair with just about anything. Here she pairs hers with blue jeans, also a closet essential (there’s a lot you can learn from this little one) and a cute little blue jacket.


Source: mueni_bahati

2. Huru.

Janet Mbugua’s son Huru is stunting like his old man, Eddie Ndichu. His dad was probably the one who styled him since he also has impeccable taste. It’s a blue affair with these boys. How good does Huru look in this sky blue polo shirt?


Source: eddie.ndichu

3. Latiffah.

Zari’s daughter Latiffah is  taking pink to a whole new level with her cute cardigan and Alice band. The white floral dress goes well with the and cute little white shoes she’s wearing. She looks like an absolute princess.

4. Nillan.

Whoever is dressing up Zari’s kids is doing a bang up job. Nillian looks like a dapper young man here in his little tux. If it wasn’t for the drool, we’d assume this is one professional small dude. It’s still super cute though. We are loving how he paired this look with white sneakers.


Source: princenillan

Don’t you just want to get kids so you can have fun styling them like this?

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