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Spring 2019 Trends To Follow

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Spring is here! The sun is shining, the plants are blooming, the sudden urge to have a cocktail in the middle of the day and catch this wonderful weather is looming over us. Here are some tips and tricks to stay on trend with what’s fashionable this spring 2019! 

Sheer fabrics 

It comes as no surprise that sheer tops are taking spring season by storm. Everywhere you look the sheer trend has graced our stores with more class than ever. Perfect for layering in the summer heat. Try this trend over a pair of jeans to finish off a casual look or over an a-line skirt and heels add sophistication to this spring trend. 


No one ever thought Tie Dye would make a comeback but 2019 is full of surprises. The eclectic look, of different colours on every fabric, is a trend here to stay through to summer 2019. The best thing about it – not only can you bring back the old tie-dye pieces you had buried deep in your wardrobe but the trend is a quick DIY project! A good creative project plus good on your wallet!


source: Hypebeast

Animal print 

It’s the season of bold and wild prints. This season the loud leopard print is a favourite amongst runway designers and fashionistas. Whether worn as a skirt, pants, shirt, bag or shoe, the look stands out. This trend is also bursting with colour as spring 2019 has seen different colours showcased in this bold animal print fashion trend. 

source: fashionpivot




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