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4 Secret Tips To Make Your Favourite Shoes Last Longer

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Shoes are an investment. They take a long time to select and can make or break an outfit. But, irrespective of the price tag on your shoes, all of them eventually wear out.

How do you prevent the wear and tear of your favourite pair?
1. Shoe quality

Shoes in Kenya are expensive. Shopping from the popular Backyard Shoez would cost you about Ksh 3,500. On the flip side, buying poor quality flats form the CBD stalls would cost you KSh 500 but would only be wearable for a few weeks due to their quality.

If your budget is low, buy second hand shoes because they are usually of higher quality compared to the made in China ones.

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2. Your walk

Listening to someone drag their feet along the corridor is seriously irritating. Dragging your feet affects your stride and posture, but don’t worry too much- even the runway models haven’t mastered it yet!


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3. Wash & care

Different shoes deserve different care. Office Leather ones need to be wiped and brushed using polish that matches their colour. Washing these shoes with water make them peel and leaving them in the sun also makes them peel.

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4. The Number You Own

The more you own, the less the probability of wearing one particular pair every day. Spacing out the days you wear your shoes is a strategy that has worked for us for years.


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Do you have any good quality shoes?  Where do you shop for them?