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Girl Power! The Over 25 Girls Show Us How to Look Slay As A Squad

over25 squad outfits
Over 25 fashion style
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The Over 25 squad is serving us looks for days!

Over 25 is not only breaking the internet with their amazing YouTube channel but also with their breathtaking fashion sense! Over the past few months, we have seen them look fabulous in their individual styles while still making it work as a group. From Lorna’s trendy style, Shikkie’s cute girly vibe, Jules’ smart casual looks to Ivy’s classy style, they truly prove that you can still rock it together as a squad.

Here Are 3 Times Over 25 Rocked As A Group:
1.Power Of The Gowns.

Don’t they just look like they belong on the cover of Forbes? These dresses coupled up with killer poses make them look so powerful.  We sure can’t get over how amazing they look in these gowns!

Over25 style

Source: Instagram

2. African Print For African Queens.

 African print has never disappointed and this wouldn’t have been the first time. Over 25 truly looked like queens in different styles. African print is surely an easy way to coordinate with your squad to have you looking like the queens that you are.

Over25 style

Source: Instagram

3. Casual Style For All.

When you just want to have a chill day with the girls, casual is the way to go. From off shoulder dresses to floral vibes, this not only looks good but also gives summer vibes that we are all here for.

Over25 style

Source: Instagram

Would you rock these with your squad? Let us know.

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