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Whoops! 3 Outfits This Is Ess Wore That Were Not That Great On TV

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Girl what are you wearing?!

We have all seen out lovely fashion blogger Sharon Mundia grow into the woman she is now, and we are proud. Her style has definitely evolved but she’s just like any other celebrity who at times gets her outfits all wrong. We have spotted some outfits she had on during her show and we aren’t too happy with the choices. Take a look.

Check Out These Outfits That We Aren’t Too Proud Of:
1. Hunnie, Those Shoes!

First of all, the dress choice was not a good one, are we right? It doesn’t do her figure any justice. Then on top of that, those shoes just aren’t right for the look. Maybe strappy heels would have been a way better choice.

2. Pairing Gone Wrong.

Sister girl, now we already know you love a simple good outfit, but once again you have paired this whole outfit in the wrong way. The pants and the top go perfectly but those ankle boots, we aren’t loving the colour that much.

3. A Whole Mix And Match Look.

Now this is what we call just going over the edge. This outfit is quite confusing, you have a lot of prints that just don’t mix well with other textures. We would have opted for just one design instead of mashing it all up.

What are some fashion trends you wish would go away? Let us know.

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