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4 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Have In 2019

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This is real style ladies!

This is the year we need to ” chanua” our men, ladies. They need to be fashion-forward, not every other day should they be spotted in sagging pants, bandanas and over sized jackets. Sometimes, our men need to be dapper and stylish. These are some of the essentials they would need in their wardrobe. Help your man out sis!

Does Your Man Have These In His Wardrobe?

1. A Man Purse

Come on ladies, men have been rocking these since they started taking their fashion seriously lol. It is a fashion statement piece in which he can keep his documents, wallets and other important stuff.

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2. Military Style Boots

Oh yes, girl! These men out here, if they want to achieve a dapper look, they will need to invest in some good quality leather military boots. It brings out the street style in them.

3. Track Pants

When your man wants to look really good in his casual wear, all he needs is a good, well-fitting set of Adidas track pants. Which man wouldn’t want to rock these pants?

4. Pin stripes

Now this is the icing on the cake! Once a man has a well-fitting, pin strip suit it’s all over! He is the ultimate dapper man! You can dress it both ways, formal or casual, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Alright! Have you made your man’s new look book? Unveil that diamond in the rough.




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