Lillian Muli Just Gave Birth & Her Body Is Goals After 2 Weeks!

Lillian Muli Just Gave Birth & Her Body Is Goals After 2 Weeks!

Lillian Muli is back!

Kenyan Tv Presenter, Lillian Muli has been under the radar for a few weeks now. After giving birth, many mothers stay away from social media for months to concentrate on their bundle of joy and to also take the time for recovery. Lillian Muli is no ordinary mother. She took some off but has come back to social media with a body that would make many women jealous!

Lilian Muli

Source: Instagram

She gave birth 2 weeks ago and she looks better than most of us on our best days. She might be wearing a waist trainer to get her waist snatched or she is simply superhuman! What do you think is Lillian Muli’s secret? Her super cool athleisure could be an indication that she has already started going to the gym or exercising like she mentioned in her post.

Lillian Muli Kenya Baby Pregnancy Body Goals

Source: Lillian Muli/Instagram

This is what she said:

Baby is taking a nap…nanny watching him…mama taking a polite walk…2 weeks postpartum…Thankful and Blessed. I need a better photographer…I insist iPhones take the worst pics.

Would you start exercising that soon after giving birth? Do you think she is wearing a waist trainer? Here are the gorgeous baby bump pics Lillian Muli took at the coast.