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The Newest Kitenge Skirts Trend Is Here And Ladies, It Is Hot!

Kitenge Skirts, Zumi Kenya
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Kitenge skirts have now become our most wanted piece!

When it comes to kitenge skirts, designers across the globe seemed to have hit a creative block of sorts, because it got to a point where a majority of the styles available in the market all had the same concept and similar silhouettes. The storm is finally over, girlies! We are super excited to share with you guys the new and improved design of this wardrobe staple and we have a feeling you will fall in love with trend once again!

We have just two styling tips and tricks to ensure that you fashionably pull off this trend.

1. Ruffled kitenge skirts 101.

The styling opportunities with these ruffled kitenge skirts are endless and because they are already heavily detailed, we would highly recommend to keep the rest of the look simple and be smart with your colour palette. Although these gorgeous belles below stuck to black for their top of choice, you are free to play about with other neutrals like grey, brown, white, or even a toned down colour that is already on the skirt.

For instance, this red gem would pair amazingly with a simple dark brown top, preferably in the shade of brown that is already on the skirt. The yellow print skirt would pair beautifully with a fitting grey top too!

2. Maxi, midi or mini?

We love that this design favours mini, midi and maxi length kitenge skirts and for all the lovers of bold and vibrant colours, we have more good news for you! You can also ask your tailor to use different fabrics of different hues, for a look that embodies a bold and beautiful contrast. How cool is that? Just be sure to really think through the hues that would play well together, to avoid looking a loud mess.

Would you girlies rock this trend of kitenge skirts? Where would you wear it to? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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