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My Sisters! This Is How To Rock That Kitenge Fashion Trend Flawlessly

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We can’t get over kitenge fashion!

Every Kenyan woman has something kitenge in her wardrobe right? Kitenge fashion will never run out of style. The colours the print and design of the kitenge fabrics just makes style so much easier and better . You can never run out of options, from coats, skirts, pants and maxi dresses you’ll have so much fun when wearing your kitenge fabric. Celebrities just as Rihanna and Beyonce have also been spotted wearing such prints. So run and head on out to your tailor and get your kitenge fabric made into something wonderful.

Here are 3 ways to start wearing kitenge fashion:
1.  Jumpsuits Are A Must Have Right?

If you are a full on lover of kitenge fashion then a jumpsuit is the way to go. A full on print kitenge jumpsuit is trendy and speaks for itself. Get your kitenge in small print if you a plus-size. Try on different designs when taking your kitenge outfit to the tailor.

2. Add A Peplum Belt To The Mix!

Not crazy about kitenge fashion? Try going with something minimal like a belt. Belts will always be trendy and a wardrobe must have. Get creative by making your belt out of kitenge fabric.

3.  Get Yourself A Kitenge Coat Girl!

I’m sure every Kenyan woman owns a kitenge coat, right? These are always in season and the best thing about these coats is that they go with everything and anything you pair it with. Get as many coats as you can by using different kitenge fabrics from loud prints to tone downed colours. The choice is yours.

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