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Plus Size Queens! These Kenyan Stores Have Perfect Dresses For Curvy Ladies

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It can really be a hustle trying to get fashion stores that cater to curvy ladies. Its usually either they don’t really understand what plus sizes are or they are just so ignorant. However, this is slowly changing and more Kenyan stores are embracing it. Various stores whether online or physical are now stocking on plus size clothing and we definitely love it.

Here Are 3 Kenyan Stores That Stock Plus Size Outfits:
1. Adore Wear Kenya

Known for dressing up the amazing Yummy Mummy, Adore Wear stocks up on all sizes. Not only are these clothes size friendly but they are also very trendy.

Curvy Ladies

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2. Zia Collections

Just as their bio says, they are celebrating every fashionable woman one outfit at a time. Known for their stylish dresses, Zia is surely the place to shop at for any curvy lady out there. They are actually having a sale right now so rush their ladies!

Curvy Ladies

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3. Vivo Active Wear

If you need comfortable outfits, Vivo is the place to shop at. They make leggings, body-con dresses, blouses and even trendy sweaters that fit plus size women. With this rainy weather, Vivo is definitely the place to get all the warm clothing you need.

Curvy Ladies

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Which other plus size stores do you swear by? Give us the scoop ladies

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