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This Fashion Store Has The Perfect Outfits For The Weekend!

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Fashion stores in Kenya are increasing by the number!

We are loving how fashion stores are popping up in Kenya. However this weekend we all need to look snatched and sexy right? Signature The Brand is the hookup! This fashion store has the most trendy outfits you can imagine. The kind of outfits that will have your ex running back to you! It caters for all sizes, from plus size to the normal slim girl it has you sorted. Many of our local celebrities such as Talia Onyando, Pinky Ghelani have been spotted in their outfits. So this weekend you need to run to the store to get you a weekend outfit.

Here are 5 weekend outfits from Signature The Brand:
1. Sultry Wine Red.

Do you have a sexy red number? Well if you don’t then you need to visit this store. This sexy red number will do the trick if you need to go out this weekend.

2. Lady In White.

Ok hold up this white detailed dress might just be the ultimate weekend outfit! If you get to pair it with your trendiest pair of sunglasses girl, you are street style ready! This is the outfit that will make your ex come crawling back to you.

3. Curvy Red.

This fashion store got the plus size curvy girl covered for the weekend! How gorge is this lady in her red cut out figure hugging dress? I would definitely wear this if I was going out with my girls!

4. The Little Black Dress.

Who doesn’t own a little black dress? This weekend you need to get yourself a sexy black dress with those cute bell sleeves. You can wear this black sexy number to dinner. All you need is dainty earrings and your outfit is complete.

5. The Bougie Sweater.

This sweater is everything! Knowing how the weather changes on us you need to look warm and stylish over the weekend. Pair this pearl embedded sweater with your thick tights, boots and you are ready to go!

Which outfit would you rock this weekend?

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