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Here’s Why These Kenyan Celebrity Moms Are Every Man’s Dream!

Kenyan celebrity moms
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Yap, we said it!

Today we will keep it short and sweet with these hot list of Kenyan celebrity moms who have been on our radar lately. Can you girlies guess what they all have in common? Before we jump into it, let’s back up what we said in the title of this post. These moms are “every man’s dream.” It is no brainer that men love and admire women who are not only hardworking, but women who are pros at grooming themselves and looking like a million bucks! Sorry if this strikes a nerve with you, but we are hitting you with facts. Here’s our hot list of some of the most stylish Kenyan celebrity moms we love!

1. Anita Gaitho.

While her twin sister, Lisa Gaitho offers YouTube symposiums on how to get material things from your rich boyfriend, Anita keeps it all the way classy with some of the most fashionable looks we have seen! She has been on our radar lately so it’s only logical that she made it to our list of stylish and fabulous Kenyan celebrity moms!

Kenyan celebrity moms

Source: Instagram.

2. Maureen Waititu.

Maureen needs no introduction to you ZUMI girls, and her sense of style is undeniable! She is always looking put together and glamorous, even with the birth of her new born! She was recently given the green light to work out and although she already looks like a snack, we cannot wait to see how she will look after!

Kenyan celebrity moms

Source: Instagram.

3. Wahu Kagwi.

Nameless is one lucky guy, don’t you think? As if her appointment to government wasn’t enough of a win, here Wahu comes gracing yet another one of our spreads! We love her simple, yet elegant sense of style and this mother of three has got to be one of our favourite Kenyan celebrity moms!

Kenyan celebrity moms

Source: Instagram.

There you have it, girlies. Who are some of your favourite celebrity moms in Kenya? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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