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5 Easy Ways To Copy Kambua Muziki’s Style

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Look just as fetching as Kambua Muziki by following these easy steps.

Kambua is basically the perfect style inspiration if you are contemplating on what to wear to church, or maybe if you just want to look more effortless and glamorous without showing too much skin. Unlike some celebs, Kambua has a certain style she always pulls off, and we are going to show you how you can achieve her look.

Here are 5 easy ways to copy Kambua Muziki’s style:
1. Go for more natural hairstyles.

Ditch the wigs and the weaves, and focus on more natural protective styles such as braids and cornrows. If your hair is open, tie it up in a bun like this.

2. Get yourself some drop dangle earrings.

This is Kambu’s signature style in terms of accessorizing. She loves huge earrings, and they love her back. Couple this with a few studs if you have more than one piercing in your ears.

Kambua Music Kenyan Celebrity Braid Hairstyle

Source: kambuamuziki

3. A red lip is also essential.

Kambua paints her beautiful lips with several colors from time to time, but none more often than a bold red lipstick.

fashion accessories

Source: kambuamuziki

4. Also, get yourself a lot of off-shoulder tops and dresses.

Kambua shows off her shoulders as much as she possibly can. This is the most important part of Kambua’s style, if she’s not in an off-should top, she’s in an off-shoulder dress. If you plan on rocking  her style, you need to fill your wardrobe with them.

fashion accessories

Source: kambuamuziki

5. Make sure your outfits are colorful.

There’s never a dull fashion moment in Kambua’s life. While you can wear blacks and whites once or twice. Focus on outfits with bright, colorful patterns.

Kambua Kitenge Tops Fashion style Kenya

Source: kambuamuziki

We hope you’ve learnt a thing or two on how to slay like Kambua.

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