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Step Aside! Julie Gichuru Is Giving Young Girls Compe In Her Latest Outfit!

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Who knew she could dress like that!

Young girls Julie Gichuru is out here trying to take your spot! She clearly is dressing better than most of you! Her style is evolving and we are all loving it! Her latest outfit has us shook, literally. Julie Gichuru is style goals when I get older, her fashion choices are making her so trendy and chic, she looks amazing every time she steps out. How do you do it Julie? Let us in on your secrets please.

Here’s Julie In Her Latest Outfit:
1.  Julie’s Street Style At It’s Best.

Now this is how you style your plain white shirt! Julie is clearly giving all of young girls mad compe in her outfit. She pairs her white shirt with her denim pants, a beret for that edgy look and a pair of dark brown strappy heels. This looks so chic. She clearly knows her stuff!

Julie Gichuru Latest style

Source: Instagram

Tips On How To Style A Plain White Shirt:

1. Jeans and flats with a loosely tucked in white button down is a classic and easy outfit that will work for almost any situation.

2. You can dress up your shirt in a more fun way by pairing it with a bright mini skirt. With flat sandals, this is a casual but adorable outfit, perfect for a  sunny day.

3. Add a super trendy and statement making accessory, like a bold corset belt, to make your shirt more interesting.

4. Spice things up by wearing your button down backwards. This works best with a shirt that has some sort of embellishment on the back, but it would work for a plain white shirt too.

There you go ladies! If Julie Gichuru can rock a simple white shirt like that then you need to do better.

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