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Here Are The 7 Handbag Essentials You Need To Own This Month

Handbag Essentials

You can tell a lot about a woman from her handbag. Handbag style, colour and contents are a real giveaway to your personality. Here are some handbag essentials to rock this month:

1. Weather kit

Nobody can predict this climate.  You need to prepare your handbag; handkerchiefs, pocket tissue and vaporub, and “kaluma“.

Handbag Essentials


2. Lip care

A lip care kit is essential! Walking around with smudged or cracked lips is a NO NO.

Handbag Essentials


3. Body odor hacks

Carrying a deodorant or body mist is key. There are days when your body decides to open the sweat flood gates. Be prepared, it can catch the best of us…even Lupita!

Handbag Essentials

4. Kindle

Amazon Kindle is an amazing gadget that helps you compress all of your favourite books into a tiny device.

Handbag Essentials

5. Organic oils

The world is buzzing with the benefits of organic oils. If you haven’t ditched your hand body and hand lotions for these oils then you are totally missing out. Some of the best oils to use are coconut , olive and argan oils.Handbag Essentials

6. Stylish notebook by Moleskin

Functional and stylish, we love these Moleskin diaries. Use your moleskin notebook to take notes and plan your day like a boss!

HandBag Essentials

7. Coloured mirrored glasses

Coloured mirrored glasses are so in this year. Time to add some sass and colour to your eye wear.

 HandBag Essentials

Source: Koroga Festival

What are your Handbag Essentials?