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3 Times Hamisa Mobetto Confused Diamond’s Life In A Sexy Maxi Dress!

Hamisa Mobetto, Sexy Maxi Dress
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Hamisa better keep serving!

If there is one thing we can all appreciate about Hamisa Mobetto, it’s her ability to slay all day, everyday and today we have rounded up a list of occasions when this Tanzanian queen confused the hell out of Diamond’s life in a sexy maxi dress!

1. Hamisa Mobetto slaying in green!

We love a good ol’ sexy maxi dress slay and it’s made even better when it comes in one of the trendiest colours of the season! Hamisa served a healthy dose of leg action and to say we love it is simply not enough.

Hamisa Mobetto, Sexy Maxi Dress

Source: Instagram.

2. Se-queen.

See what we did there? 😛 Hamisa Mobeto recently posed for the gram in this fiery maxi dress and we were all left trying to pick our jaws off the floor! We love the cut-out detail and she is definitely bringing one-arm pieces back!

3. Embellished dera for the win!

Hamisa Mobetto slayed our lives and then some, in this matchy-matchy ensemble! She gave a whole new vibe to the beloved dera and cemented the look with a matching head wrap.

Now, ladies. For the record, we still think Diamond is a jack for cheating, but do drop us a comment and let us know what you think of Hamisa Mobetto and her style!

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