3 Ways You Can Style Your Kawaida T-shirt Look Extra Stylish!

3 Ways You Can Style Your Kawaida T-shirt And Look Extra Stylish!

Don’t throw away those kawaida t-shirts you’ll need them after this post!

Most Kenyan ladies have their kawaida t-shirts for sleeping or just lounging at home right? Well I am here to tell you that they are so much more than a simple t-shirt. Today, I’m going to be showing you all how our own Kenyan fashion bloggers styled theri simple t-shirts and looked stylish in them. Just because you’re wearing a T-shirt doesn’t mean you have to be lazy with it or feel like you are dressing down. You can still look sexy and well put-together!

Here Are 3 Ways To Style Your Kawaida T-Shirt:
1. Pair It With A Denim.

You can take your kawaida t-shirt and pair it with your stylish denim short skirt. Fashion blogger Nelly styles her short denim skirt with her leather jacket, red sling bag and black loafers. Perfect way to style her t-shirt for a date night.

3 ways to style a tee shirt

Source: Instagram

2. Simple And Casual.

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia sets the simple and casual style. She styles her simple t-shirt that has some graphics on it with blue denim pants and a simple hairstyle. Perfect for a shopping run.

3 ways to style a tee shirt

Source: Instagram

3. Stylish With Booties.

Well this is another way you can style your simple graphic t-shirt. We are loving how well fashion blogger Diana looked with her t-shirt. She paired her t-shirt with a black cover up blue denim jeans and ankle boots. Perfect fro this cold weather right?

3 ways to style a tee shirt

Source: Instagram

There you have it girls! 3 ways on how to style your kawaida t-shirt. You’ll end up looking stylish and fashionable with out breaking the bank.

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