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Brides! Here Are 4 Flower Girl Dress Inspirations For Your Wedding

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Need some dresses for your flower girls?

We all love and adore the little flower girls who usually carry a basket full of flower petals at any wedding. They usually look so cute and very angelic. As a bride, you also want your flower girls to look nothing short of amazing especially if they are going to walk down the aisle just before you do. We also understand that it can be a headache trying to figure out what they’ll wear. White dresses or maybe pink ones? Long tulle ones or short cotton ones? The options are so many but don’t worry, with these dress inspirations, you’ll surely know what you’ll get for them.

Here Are 4 Flower Girl Dresses You’ll Fall In Love With:
1. Simple Dress With Bow Detail

This white dress with a red bow is perfect for the little girls. Its simple nature ensures that your flower girl is comfortable and stylish at the same time. We love how her hairstyle does not have too many accessories.

Flower Girl

Source: Instagram

2. Tulle Princess

Tulle always looks amazing on young girls. This princess in a long tulle dress with shoulder details makes us want to smile the whole day. Don’t we just love happy flower girls?

Flower Girls

Source: Instagram

3. Coloured Gowns

Little girls love colour and having colourful dresses would be the best way to incorporate it. This almost peach and champagne dress is giving us the feels. The added roses on the dress and on the hair make the whole look come together.

Flower Girls

Source: Instagram

4. Over The Top Dress

Are you a bride who is bold and not afraid to go all out? This flower girl dress would be the perfect dress for your little princesses. Bows are a favourite for girls and the flowers will just look cute on them.

Flower Girls

Source: Instagram

What other flower girl dresses are you currently loving would you use these designs for your flower girls?

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