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How To Steal The Show In Floral Pajama Suits #ZUMITrends

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Floral  suits pajama are super chic!

Floral pajama suits are perfect for lunch with friends, wedding receptions, and weekend events. The sun is out and we are happy to announce that you can officially take out your hot weather outfits. We have been waiting for a long time to wear those matching floral outfits! Merging the floral and the pajama suits trend will definitely be something to try out this August!

Here are the different ways you can rock floral pajamas suits.
When it comes to wearing pajamas suits, make the colours you chose as simple as possible. Keep the colours neutral so that the prints are not competing.
Floral Pajamas Kenya Zumi

From Left: Blogger Lucia Musau & Zumi Fashion Editor Reina Kimeu.

Pajamas suits should be worn with heels to make sure the hem hangs off the ground and to also add that sass! Wearing a floral pajamas suits is daring but totally worth every penny!
Floral Pajamas Kenya Zumi

From Left: Fashion Editor Reina Kimeu & Entim Sidai Marketing Manager, Amal Jonathan

Would you wear a floral pajama suit? Here are tips to help your walk of shame a little more fashionable!