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Monday To Friday Office Looks We Are Loving From Fashionable Stepmum

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You have no excuse not to look fabulous Monday – Friday at the office after reading this!

Most people just wear regular plain Jane clothes Monday to Friday without adding any effort to their look. Did you know how you dress literally portrays how you feel? Get more creative with your official clothing and get to see how it will change your life! We get style tips from fashion blogger; fashionable step-mum. She creates a perfect mix of smart casual that you can pull at the office without any problems. She’s definitely one to learn from.

Our Monday – Friday office looks:
1.  No Monday blues

Everyone complains about Mondays being dull and boring because you literally came from a bomb weekend but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get out your floral print suit and you will definitely not experience any Monday blues at the office. Fashion blogger fashionable step-mum is definitely bringing good vibes with her floral print suit and matching red heels. Don’t be scared to put that red lipstick on.

2. Simple Tuesday

Did you know that you can wear your monochrome bodycon dress to work and still look fashionable? Yes, you can! See how she pairs her grey bodycon dress with nude pumps to add a mild pop of colour to the whole outfit.

3. Let’s be chic on Wednesdays

It’s mid-week and you need to bring out your girly side to work so what do you wear? Well, blogger fashionable step-mum just shows us how to do it. She pairs an olive green pleated skirt with a black bodysuit and black criss-cross laced heels with gold accessories to match. Perfect day to bring out your blonde wig, don’t you think?

4. Power-suit Thursdays

Thursdays are for power suits! At the office, you need to make a statement that you are indeed a boss lady who gets her stuff handled! Olivia Pope step aside and let Fashionable step-mum come through! She shows her how to slay in the office with her red suit matched with her white bodysuit and black pumps! You’ll truly conquer those boardroom meetings without any problems!

5. And it’s Friday!

The week is finally at an end and you get to be in this amazing fun happy mood so why not dress up with how you feel! Fashionable Step-mum shows us just how to do that. She pairs her black turtleneck with a black leather jacket and black pumps with mustard pants to add that pop of colour to her outfit. This is the right outfit to hit your girls up after work for cocktails.

We love Monday’s office wear, what do you think? Drop your comments below and let’s start a conversation.

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