Amazings Tips On How To Dress Your Petite Slim Figure

Fashion Tips: Susan Kaittany On How To Dress A Slim Figure

Skinny Fashion, Susan Kaittany
She cheated the fashion system in number 4 though!

If “Skinny girls rock” is your anthem, then we have amazing news for you today! We are addressing the rarely discussed dilemma of skinny fashion and how to stylishly dress a skinny body type. We have rounded up some hot tips from the Posh Palace CEO’s recent fashion choices and we know you will feel super inspired after!

1. Embrace…

… fashion trends. Quite a number of fashion trends favour the slim chick, so jump on as many as you possibly can! Susan’s style, for instance, features lots of looks from the hot-now, athleisure trend.

2.¬† Accentuate…

… your waistline. For slim girls, it is easy to find yourself floating in your outfits, so take a leaf from Susan and play with accessories like belts to define your waistline.

3. With skinny fashion…

… you can never go wrong with simplicity and Susan’s floral jumpsuit is proof!

4. They say…

… to steer clear of baggy clothes when it comes to skinny fashion, but you can cheat the system! Susan paired her wide-leg pants with a scuba coat and her trick was to use the coat’s waist tie to accentuate her waist, giving the impression of a snatched mid-section and fuller lower body ūüėČ

5. When in doubt…

… tailored pieces! As far as skinny fashion goes, well tailored and fitted silhouettes will never let you down.

Which of her looks is your ultimate favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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