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Fanny Packs Are Here To Stay

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Fanny packs are back on trend and they are a trend everyone is loving. From party people who need an extra pocket or two, to casual street style that has fanny packs styled across the chest, to everyday users who enjoy the functionality and versatility of this super cool trend. A staple in both men’s and women’s fashion, here’s why the fanny pack is here to stay!


Whether you love the appearance of a fanny pack there is no denying that the bag is extremely functional. A good-sized fanny pack can hold everything you need for a day and night. Plus the hands-free form factor allows you to carry everything you need with a sense of undeniable freedom.


There are several ways one can style and wear this amazing accessory. They can be worn on the waist like a true belt bag. Alternatively, it can be slung across the body. Such versatility will have you feeling secure with your belongings close to you, plus the perfect pocket space while travelling or commuting in busy places.


From runways to fashionistas and celebrities alike pulling off this once outdated style and spicing it up as a fashion accessory, this fashion trend is everywhere this year. How do you style yours?




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