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This Just Happens To Be Kenya’s Most Fashionable And Stylish Man!

Stylish men in kenya
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This man is such a fashion guru!

Eddie Kirindo is an editorial fashion stylist. He has worked for Adam Magazine, True Love, Move, Drum, and Grazia (South African Magazine). His job is to tell stories using fashion visuals. This man is no doubt Kenya’s most stylish man. His day to day looks never fail. He steps out looking like he is about to walk into a fashion runway in Milan. I believe that all men need to take notes from Eddie to learn how to dress up because let’s face it, these men don’t like to dress up.

Here Are 4 Ways Eddie Looks Fashionable:

1. Kitenge Print Pants.

Eddie Kirindo has styled the heck out of these kitenge print pants. One we love the colour of the print the kitenge has, two how he styled the pants.

2. Colorful Swag.

This man knows how to play around with color. He brings out his creative side so fashionably that we can’t even comprehend. This style outfit right here is everything!

3. Official Swag.

This is how to look sexy in your official wear. He pairs his bowl hat with his navy blue coat with his matching brown colored slim fit pants. We approve of this look, Eddie.

4. Turban Swag.

Eddie comes through with his African print turban swag that matches with his red silk pants and black coat. Who knew that men can rock turbans and look as stunning as him?

Can we all agree that Eddie Kirindo is truly the most stylish man in Kenya right?

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