Do Waist Trainers Really Work? #HonestOpinion – ZUMI

Do Waist Trainers Really Work? #HonestOpinion

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Waist trainers are here to stay!

The quest for a perfect belly has been here for the longest time and women have devised many ways to achieve the hourglass figure. First, there were the dangerous corsets, then tummy teas and pills and now the latest sensation is the waist trainer. All these products are shortcuts for women who hate going to the gym.

Plus size blogger/ YouTuber, Chanel Ambrose, has been struggling with her weight for a while now and she has also been a voice when it comes to fashion and plus size women. She recently bought waist trainer to see if they actually work on her and this is her experience.

Interested in trying out waist trainers? Well, you can get them on sale on Jumia Kenya.

Do you use waist trainers? Do they work for you? Rachel Marete, Former Miss Universe Kenya’s  waist will make you start sit ups today.