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3 Crochet Bikinis That Will Look Super Sexy On You Over The Easter Weekend

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If there’s anything that speaks holiday it has to be stylish swimsuits. Picture yourself lounging by the swimming pool in that floppy hat and a classic swimsuit while sipping on fresh juice, feels nice right? Well, crochet bikinis are the in thing now and we don’t want you missing out on it. Coming in different styles and colours, they definitely need to be in your holiday starter pack for Easter.

Here Are  3 Crochet Bikinis You Will Need For Your Holiday: 
1. Beaded Bikini.

How cool is this blue beaded bikini by Joheart Yarns? This is the ultimate bikini to get you all the right kind of attention while keeping it stylish at the beach if you are heading down to the coast.

2. High Waisted Bikini.

Who doesn’t love anything high waist? Be it high waisted jeans or even a crochet bikini, they have the ability to make your body look nothing short of amazing.

3. Classic Bikini.

If you are not all about the extra things in a bikini then this one is for you. This classic gold crochet bikini will make you the envy of many during your holiday. So grab one sis!

A bikini won’t be complete without a hat to block the sun’s rays. Check the next article for an idea on what hats you can rock this holiday.

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