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Keep Your Bras Longer By Following these 3 Simple Rules

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Do you Follow these Simple Rules?

Ladies, how many times do you go out and shop for bras?  You spend so much on them but how long do they last?  Once you’re done with your bra shopping spree, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want them to last.

Tips on taking care of your bras:
1. Alternate Between Bras

Please, do not over wear that one bra you love. It will wear out that much faster. Your bra must have a chance to ‘rest’ between uses. This is because the fibres need to recover, especially for those bras that contain elastane (which prevents the elastic fabric from losing its shape) which is almost all bras on the market.

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2. Store Them Well

Don’t just throw them around or put them in a heap. This will make them tangle and not easy to spot. Instead, your bras should preferably be stored on a flat clean surface. Yup, pretty much like Marie Kondo.

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3. Handwash Your Bras

This is one piece of advice we hope goes without saying. Handwashing ensures that your bras are being cleaned gently. Pay special attention to the back band and the cups—especially toward the centre to combat sweat accumulation. And – ensure you use a gentle soap.

How else do you take care of your bras?




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