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Lol! 3 Hilarious Things Every Lady With Big Boobs Goes Through!

big breasted clothing problems
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Mistake number 2 is so true! Lol

Listen, all of us big breasted women go through some hilarious things. It’s one problem after the other right? But even though it annoys us we can just laugh about it. Grab your friends and look at these 3 hilarious problems.

Can You Relate To These Problems?
1. Forcing Issues With Smaller Bras Because They Look Cute.

We all know that small bras come in such cute, pretty colours and designs. Now since you have big boobs you just stress issues and put on one that isn’t your size all because you don’t want to put on those big bras that have boring colours.

2. Wearing A Graphic Tee.

Now this is a myth! Those words will stretch out and no one can even read what’s on it. In-fact it makes everyone stare at your boobs bila shame!

3. Under Wires Love To Pop Out.

Isn’t this true? One day you think your bra has your back, shocker! The under wire just starts sneaking out. It’s really annoying but what can we do?

Are there more things that you go through having big boobs? We would love to know. Let’s all laugh about it.

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