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6 Of The Best Places To Buy Second Hand Clothes In Nairobi

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When it comes to second-hand shopping, knowing where to get the best of the best is key.

With the right info, you can get unique outfits from international fashion brands at really cheap prices and change your entire wardrobe.

Check out these mitumba hotspots for the best second-hand clothes

1. Toi Market/ Adams

Most of your celebrities love to shop here including the Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.


Toi market is located on Ngong road and is divided into two. Near Adams is the high-end side with clothes retailing between Sh200- Sh1,500 while the other side goes all the way to Kibera where you can find pretty cool fits for as low as ten bob.

3. Koja To Globe Cinema

There is a long line of stalls solely for selling designer clothes all the way from Koja down to Globe Cinema. At peak hours such between 3pm-7pm, you will also find a lot of hawkers with their funky clads neatly arranged along the pavement. Just be careful not to get caught up if the City Council shows up to chase away the street vendors.

4. Gikomba


Source: Victor Matara

Gikomba is one of the largest markets in Nairobi with thousands of people selling mostly second-hand clothes. The best time to go shopping there is early on a Saturday morning when they have just started opening the bales of clothes.

Price range per item:  Sh10-sh500

5.  Bus Station CBD

This is probably the hottest spot right now! Found in the heart of CBD the stalls run along the walls of the station with clothes ranging between Sh100- Sh1000 for runway-worthy outfits. Do have to change your outfit in the middle of the day on a very tight budget? Make your way to the Bus Station.

6. City stalls along Moi Avenue

While some are outrageously expensive, don’t hesitate to walk into stalls in the CBD because their discounts are amazing!  Instead of asking for what they have on the show, ask for the discounted outfits they sell on the side. Usually, the prices range between Ksh 300 –ksh 500 for pretty dresses and men’s  shirts.

 6. Ngara

Source: Victor Matara

This is the hub of all things trendy. If you’re looking for what’s new and popping, then make your way to Ngara. The clothes are a bit pricey but you can get great deals if you are good at bargaining. The stalls are located right opposite Fig tree.

Price range: Sh 500-sh 3,500

We’ve tried all these places and they are worth checking out, however much money you have to spend. Plan with your girls for a mini shopping spree and discover the beauty of mitumba shopping.

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