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4 Times Comedian Njugush Showed Us Some Serious Style

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It’s not all fun and games, he got some style!

Who doesn’t know the funniest comedian in our country? Njugush is one of the few men who can send a whole room in fits and tears by just his comedy. The best thing about Njugush is not just his comedy but his sense of style. He is showing us that he got some serious sense of style. Let’s take a look!

Here Are 4 Instances Njugush Gave Us Style:
1. Olive Green Is The Way To Go.

Doesn’t Njugush look good in this olive green suit? We are loving the kitenge details in the bow tie and the square pocket.

2. Causal wear.

Now this already looks like he was ready to unleash a joke right? Well even close to the ground, Njugush looks cool and causal in his t-shirt and jeans combo.

3. Bring In The Blazers.

He clearly is photo shoot ready with his polka dot blazer and white shirt. Very sharp and official.

4. Is That A Cowboy?

Heh! Njugush will kill us with his style. This cowboy style is giving us life. We love seeing our celebrities in such costumes.

Which other male celebrity dresses up? Share your thoughts below.

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