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3 Kenyan Celebs Who Repeat What They Wear A Little Too Much

Featured image: Instagram
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They have a habit of repeating and we’ve noticed.

We get it though, there’s that particular outfit or accessory you can love so much, you can’t help but wear it as many times as possible. While our Kenyan celebs aren’t as financially capable as their Hollywood counterparts, we can’t help but wonder if some of them have other outfits and accessories considering how much they repeat some.

These Kenyan celebs who repeat what they wear a little too much:
1. Otile Brown.

He’s reduced this habit, but we still see little traces of it left. Otile Brown is quite fashionable, however he’ll usually take pictures with the same shoes and accessories every so often if you look hard enough. Considering how hard he stunts on social media, you’d think he’d change them up a little. Concerning shoes, you’ll see him constantly rocking these black ones in particular. Just go to his Instagram and check.

celebs repeat outfits

Source: otilebrown

2. Bahati.

This one already dresses up like a teenager, so this may not be as surprising. Compared to the likes of Otile Brown, Bahati doesn’t repeat his shoes as much. However, if you look closely, you’ll see him wearing the same gold watch in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE on his Instagram account. Damn, he must really love that watch.

celeb repeat outfits

Source: bahatikenya

3. Eddie Ndichu.
From his Instagram account it’s clear that Janet Mbugua’s husband likes the color blue, and it looks good on him. However, there’s a particular blue suit he wears a lot, and I’m not sure if he has many different blue suits or it’s the same one.
celeb repeat outfits

image: eddie.ndichu

Have you ever noticed other celebs who like repeating outfits? You need to spill the tea and let us know.
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