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Zari Comes To Hamisa’s Defense After Diamond Declares He’s “Single”

Diamond single
Celebrity life can turn into a circus really quickly.

Today, Diamond dropped a video for his new song Baila but that’s not what got people excited. The song although beautiful gave Diamond the nerve to declare that he is single and that his lovemaking skills are the reason why his exes cannot stay away from him.

Well, this fact was proven very quickly when we saw Zari’s comment on the post saying:

Diamond single

Source: Instagram/DiamondPlatnumz

Zari has an issue with Diamond declaring that he’s single because he’s not admitting that he has a thing going on with Hamisa. Sarcastic or not it definitely entertained both their fans.

His sister Esma also had something to say:

Diamond single

Source: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

That first sentence is a subliminal dig at Hamisa who was confident that she was the apple of Diamond’s eye. It’s a known fact that his sister Esma has never like Hamisa.

This drama knows no bounds and we cannot wait for Hamisa to speak out!

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