#WorldEmojiDay Do You Know What Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean? - ZUMI

#WorldEmojiDay Do You Know What Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean?

Winky face!

We know them we love them, we use them every day on texts, social media and even casually as references in statements. However, do we know what people actually mean when they use them?

Other than the usual eggplant and peaches emoji, the following emojis are often misinterpreted;

1. Information desk person.

Most people think it means a hair flip, however, it means giving a helpful hand.

2. Dead.

The X’s on the emoji’s eyes are often confused as death and most times is used when people say that they’ve laughed so hard they’ve died. The emoji, however, means astonishment or shock.

Astonished Face

3. Praying hands.

This emoji must be the greatest enigma on the emoji world as people think that these hands are engaged in a powerful high five or a prayer.┬áIt actually means ‘thank you’ or ‘please’.

Person with Folded Hands

4. Women dancing with bunny ears.

This emoji is often used to express the aspect of best friends, however, it actually means women from the playboy mansion, play bunnies.

Woman with Bunny Ears

All in all, emojis mean different things to everyone, so feel free to throw them around.

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