Lol! Wema Sepetu's Mother Kicked Her Boyriend Out Of Her House

Lol! Wema Sepetu’s Mother Kicked Her Boyriend Out Of Her House

wema sepetu
African mothers are no joke.

Wema Sepetu has a typical, no-nonsense African mother too. Guess what she did? She kicked Wema’s boyfriend out of the house because she is tired of her daughter dating different men and not settling down with any of them,

According to Tanzanian news outlet, Mariam Sepetu brought hell to her daughter’s house in Mbezi-Salasala area, Dar es Salaam in the middle of the night. If you are one of those guys who like chilling in women’s houses, this should also be a wake-up call to you.

wema sepetu boyfriend

Wema’s mother stormed her daughter’s house and kicked out her boyfriend Lawrence Masanja popularly known as Rahur. She came in shouting and screaming, prompting Wema’s boyfriend to run away.

Mariam told Global Publishers her daughter hadn’t introduced the man to her as her boyfriend. She said:

Hakuna mwanaume yeyote ambaye Wema amenitambulisha hivyo ndiyo maana nilimtimua. Naona na kuyasikia haya mambo kwenu waandishi, lakini hakuna mtu ambaye mimi namfahamu yupo na mwanangu,

Wema has been with several different men over the years. She has dated men such as Diamond and Idris Sultan. Veteran gospel singer TID also revealed that he dated Wema back in the day. She really needs to take a chill pill now.

What’s your opinion on men camping oi women’s houses? Personally, I feel that a man should be the one to host a woman, not the other way around. I am sure Wema’s mum would have done nothing if her daughter was at the man’s house.