5 Ways Vera Sidika Boosted Otile Brown's Career

5 Ways Vera Sidika Boosted Otile Brown’s Career

Otile Brown Vera Sidika
We can all agree that Jacob Obunga (that’s his real name…lol) became a major star after he started dating Vera.

That Obunga name sounds like that of a chatty nduthi guy from Kisumo….haha. I am not saying that in a bad way. I have nothing but love for nduthi guys.  Shout out to all my nduthi guys in the hood. Anyway, let’s stick to Mr. Brown.

Here are ways in which Vera changed Otile’s career.

1. She made him popular.

Before he began dating Vera, not many people knew Otile Brown. He had a few fans but he was not that popular. Many of you can admit that you first heard about him through Vera.

Otile Brown Vera Sidika Vacation Bonfire Adventures

Source: Otile Brown


2. She appeared in his video.

Vera doesn’t just appear in any video and by appearing in Otile’s ‘Baby Love’ video, she gave him a huge boost. And she did it for free. For any other artiste to hire Vera, it would probably cost him millions.

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Source: Otile Brown


3. She gave him lots of money,,,,,,daaah!

Of course, Vera gave Otile lots of money. This helped him maintain the classy image that a true superstar must have. She revealed that she paid for his suits, gave him money for video shoots and even let him use her car.

Otile Brown Vera Sidika Vacation Bonfire Adventures


4. She kept him relevant.

The relationship helped Otile stay in the limelight. I am not sure if Otile will manage to stay relevant without Vera, not unless he changes his music style. I mean his love songs are not bad but he sounds like he’s borrowing from the Bongo style too much. Why listen to Otile when we can listen to real Bongo artistes?

Otile Brown Fashion Vera Sidika Kenya

Source: Otile Brown/Instagram


5. She boosted his YouTube views.

Every time the two had an issue, Otile kept dropping new music to capitalize on the hype. And people really checked out the music in numbers. As we speak, he has even dropped another new jam. Such an opportunistic fella.

otile brown vera sidika back together


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