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Uuuwi! Our Lives Are Over After Government Imposes Tax On Mutura & Selfies

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Yaani we will never prosper?

Life is getting harder and harder for the youth out here as even the simplest of things that we like are made impossible for us to enjoy.

A few hours ago, it was reported that the county government will impose a tax on the following things:

  • Street preaching- Kshs.1000 per hour
  • Hawkers including mutura vendors- Kshs. 400 per month
  • Selfies and photos using mobile phones- Kshs. 100
  • Organizers of charitable events flagging off ceremonies- Kshs.4000 per hour

Excuse us for one second please:


Alright, we might need a minute:


Well, in the name of all that is petty and inappropriate, the government should focus on all the other things that are wrong in this country like for instance mercury infused sugar, hellooo?!

Haiya! The youth were not consulted before this was decided because what does the government expect us to do now. Taxing mutura vendors is absolutely ridiculous because they’re helping us reduce pollution by selling remnants of animal innards that would otherwise stink up the country.

The government is yet to explain how this new set of rules will be  carried out but in the meantime, we will be at our local mutura vendor savouring our last cheap bites of mutura like


Totally uncalled for if you ask us about this tax thing. We are still recovering from the paper bag ban and they pull this on us?

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