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Twinning! Here Are The Newest Set Of Twins Making Us Go Awww!

Twin elephants born in Amboseli National Park.

Should we call it a miracle or sheer luck because God seems to be smiling down upon us after ending the two-year drought with a torrent of rainfall that has swept even a whole town away. Moreover, he has given us the gift of life, two lives in fact, at a time when animals are going extinct, an elephant has given birth to healthy twin calves.

It has been 38 years since a similar birth has been witnessed in Kenya bringing the twin dry spell to an end. The Kenya Wildlife Service wrote the following statement on their Facebook page;

“When was the last time you heard of an elephant giving birth to twins?

We know! That was 38 years ago when Eclipse and Equinox were born in 1980. Now we have another set of twins! Paru, from the PA family at Amboseli National Park, recently gave birth to twins; a male and female!

Meet Norah and Katito! Born in a lush rainfall year and off to a great start in life!”


Source: Facebook

For all animal lovers, this is great news! Hope for the next generation of wildlife, hope that our pride and joy’s future is being secured. Now the way forward is having proper formulations for the protection of wildlife.

How can we ensure the continuity of wildlife in our country? What laws, policies and actions should be carried out so as to provide security for wildlife.

Comment below your thoughts on wildlife conservation.

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