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He’s Cancelled! Troll Star Cyprian Nyakundi Bullies Adelle Onyango Yet Again

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Troll star Cyprian Nyakundi isn’t letting bygones be bygones.

As we all know, empty debes really do make the loudest noise and haters will always try and jump on your back to weigh you down. Cyprian Nyakundi is Kenya’s greatest troll star in my opinion, and he could not let this story go.


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We all remember when Adelle Onyango shared that she was a victim of rape and does not support, rape culture. Cyprian Nyakundi later followed with an insensitive statement saying,

Well, this time Adelle Onyango and Maina Kageni were recently unveiled as Johnny Walker brand ambassadors and are set to go watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco however, Cyprian Nyakundi’s Twitter fingers could not help themselves but  release a Tweet trying to diminish her accomplishments saying;

In our opinion, this comment is very unwarranted and is a pathetic attempt to gain some publicity. Adelle is smiling all the way to the bank as he is smiling at his phone waiting for some comments as he follows what she does online.

Congratulations Adelle! You go represent sis! Never forget when Florence from the band Florence & the Machine sang the song, “Shake It Off” when she tells us in the chorus;

“And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back,  So shake him off, oh woah”

We sign off by asking, “Everyone has the freedom of speech but to what extent?’

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