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I Felt Hopeless Going Blind-Rosemary Odinga’s Story Will Break Your Heart

She’s so brave.

Early last year, in February 2017, Rosemary  Odinga suffered a minor stroke, leading to her hospitalisation in South Africa. The stroke affected her eyesight and forced her to withdraw from the Kibra parliamentary race last year. Speaking to Citizen TV’s Victoria Rubadiri, she narrated the series of events leading to her hospitalization. She said;

“I was called for breakfast and I couldn’t open the door… eventually, after knocking and opening the door, I just collapsed onto the help who was there…My older daughter ran to the clinic and they sent an ambulance which came and picked me up. Then they said we could drive to Nairobi but I said I couldn’t make it so they sent for a chopper which brought me to Nairobi,”


image: Nairobi News

Fast forward a few months, and Rosemary claimed that she found it very hard dealing with her partial blindness in the beginning. She said;

“I could cry all the time, think of giving up and feel helpless…the transition was very challenging…I am used to living a certain lifestyle where I am very independent and making my own choices in life then suddenly I was not able to do that…I am not able to choose the clothes I want to wear, not able to drive, go to the store or even cook…I felt hopeless at some point but I am lucky that I have a support system.”


image: Nairobi News

She continued, saying that she is dealing with her partial blindness with the help of her support system, and especially her children;

“I draw strength from my daughters… because of them, I’m alive. I said to myself, ‘if I give up now, what am I teaching them? Am I teaching them that whenever you have a hiccup in life to give up?’ And I said ‘No! I have to continue and try and be successful,”

Kenyans in particular sympathized with her situation;


She’s a real inspiration to anyone who is going through a difficult time. You should also read Offset Crashed Cardi B’s Concert To Apologize And It Backfired Horribly.