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Top 5 Best Movies To Prepare You For Vacation

August holiday is that you?

It is about time to prepare for vacations in August and the best way is to get the proper motivation. The following comedy, thriller, romance and drama films are sure t get you in the right head space for vacations;

1. Under The Tuscan Sun

This movie is based on a real novel, it follows the life of Frances Mayes whose husband cheats on her with a writer whom she gave a bad review, turning her life upside down. In an attempt to bring her out of a deep depression, her best friend, Patti, encourages Frances to take a tour of Italy. During the trip, the new divorcée impulsively decides to purchase a rural Tuscan villa and struggles to start her life anew amid colourful local characters, including the handsome Marcello.

under the tuscan sun

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2. Blended

Recently divorced mom Lauren and widowed dad Jim let their friends push them into a blind date, which goes disastrously wrong. Unsurprisingly, neither wants to see the other ever again. However, fate intervenes when both Jim and Lauren, unbeknown to each other, purchase one-half of the same vacation package at a South African resort. They and their children are forced to share the same suite and participate in a slew of family activities together.


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3. Grown Ups

A single man who drinks too much, a father with three daughters who he rarely sees, a guy who is overweight and unemployed, a househusband, a successful Hollywood agent married to a fashion designer. What do these five men have in common? They used to play for the same basketball team at school. Now their former coach has died, and they are reunited at his funeral that leads to a series of crazy adventures.

4. RV

The Munros are a typically American dysfunctional family, complete with rebellious, uncommunicative children and parents. Bob would like to remedy the situation before his son and daughter instant-message their parents out of their lives. Bob rents a motor home to take the clan on vacation but soon finds that camping and togetherness can be hazardous to one’s health


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5. The Talented Mr Ripley

To be young and carefree amid the blue waters and idyllic landscape of sun-drenched Italy in the late 1950s; that’s what vita Tom Ripley craves and Dickie Greenleaf leads. When Dickie’s father asks Tom to bring his playboy son back home to America, Dickie and his beautiful expatriate girlfriend, Marge Sherwood, never suspect the dangerous extremes to which Ripley will go to make their lifestyle his own.


The Talented Mr Ripley


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