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Fadda Lord! ‘Tiny Penis’ And ‘Period Blood’ Emojis Are Coming

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Image source: Nairobi News

Ladies, in case you slept with a dude like Otile Brown and he asks you the next day whether you enjoyed it, you can simply use that tiny penis emoji to give feedback. Sorry Otile, your music is great though.

Anyway, so there are over 230 new emojis coming out soon and the two that have got people talking are the tiny penis size one and the period blood one. Yes, this is happening.

When a guy asks to meet you and you know he wants some action, you can use the ‘period blood’emoji. Simple. According to Emojipedia, updates will begin in April and continue through the end of the year,

The penis size emoji is being referred to as the pinching emoji in politically correct terms but netizens all over the world have already figured out what it means. The very Drop of Blood Emoji, on the other hand, comes after Plan International UK led a campaign calling for a period emoji to be added to the global emoji keyboard. More than 55,000 people signed up for the campaign

This will be the sixth major emoji update since 2014. The total number of emojis will now be 3,053. Other emojis have been added to represent members of the deaf and blind communities and people with disabilities.

Here’s a video explaining the new emojis.

Wueeh! Sawa.

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