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ThisisEss Opens Up About Daughter Naila As She Turns 1

ThisisEss daughter
ThisisEss has been keeping her baby lowkey ever since she gave birth.

We cannot fault her for that because social media is a cruel place and given what she’s gone through in the past year she has the right to keep her daughter and personal life private.

ThisisEss daughter

Source: Instagram/ThisisEss

However, we have to acknowledge that her little one Naila just turned one and her mother got emotional writing the sweetest birthday message:

This time last year, I had just given birth to Naila. My body was sore and fatigued and I was terrified at the thought that this delicate, little being was now fully in my care. That first night in the hospital was baptism by fire because at some point it was just me and her and I couldn’t believe that the nurses and my family thought I knew what I was doing. I had no clue how many more sleepless nights, sore nipples, unexplainable outbursts and snail-clutching moments lay ahead. I think if somebody had told me that giving birth was just the beginning of my body, mind and spirit being tested and stretched to its limits, I‘d have Googled “How to put a newborn back inside after giving birth.” ?


But I also had no idea how much deeper my love for her would grow. You guys. I can’t explain the joy I’ve experienced from seeing her do the little things we take for granted. Like sitting up, crawling, cooing or walking for the first time. I’m so proud of the person that she’s growing into curious yet reserved, chatty (in the way a one-year-old with basically no vocabulary would be) yet observant.
Naila has brought such light, clarity, joy and love into my life and today my little lady turned one. ONE! Thank you God. The woman that I am today is so different from the woman on that first night in that hospital bed, all thanks to the journey that has been motherhood. A journey that is full of contradictions and learning moments. And to think it’s only our first year together. In some ways, it feels as if a new layer of me was also born on that night – a layer that I’ve only begun to explore.
I’m so excited for the future and grateful for the family and friends that have showered Naila with love since day one. Thank you God for blessing me with one of the purest forms of love. Happy birthday my little bambino! ?


This is so cute. Motherhood is so rewarding and we can totally see how it has transformed her as a person.

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