Niwacheni! Here's Tedd Josiah's Response To People Asking Him To Remarry

Niwacheni! Here’s Tedd Josiah’s Response To People Asking Him To Remarry

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He is tired of hearing it.

This past year has been full of pain for Tedd Josiah but he has always found joy in his daughter Jay aka Gummy Bear. The veteran producer is a proud single father who always records and shows off his precious moments with Jay.

Tedd lost his wife just a few weeks after she gave birth. Despite the huge loss, he has remained strong and showed the world that men don’t have to give up when left to raise children alone.

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There are a couple of people who have been pressuring him to marry but it looks like he doesn’t like idea. He has finally responded to those people in a rather harsh manner.

The veteran producer asked people to stop pressuring him to get married since women are not packets of milk that when one is finished you can just walk to a supermarket and purchase another one. Ummm…..wel….damn. What do you think about that?

Check out his response.
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