5 Tanzanian Artistes Who Have Dated Kenyan Women

5 Tanzanian Artistes Who Have Dated Kenyan Women

It looks like Tanzanian men really love Kenyan women.

Over the years and up until now, a couple of Bongo superstars have dated Kenyan women. From Diamond to Ben Pol, here is a list of Tanzanian singers who have dated Kenyan women.

1.Ali Kiba

The ‘Mwana’ hitmaker not only dated but also married a Kenyan woman. Kiba tied the knot with Mombasa beauty Amina Khalef last year.

Diamond Platnumz Ali Kiba


2. AY.

Back in the day, Ay dated Kenyan singer Amani. The two were a couple for a long time before they broke things off. They are now married to different people.


Source: Bongo 5


3. Diamond.

The biggest Tanzanian superstar is dating NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna. Diamond has even vowed to marry her sometime last year.


4. Ben Pol.

Ben Pol is currently dating Keroche Heiress and social media star Anerlisa Muigai. He keeps singing her praises and posting her pictures, meaning he’s very hooked.

Ben Pol


5. Hussein Machozi.

He dated a Mombasa beauty by the name Shuena Yunus Omar. He was also rumored to have an affair with a Mombasa politician’s wife. Nowadays, he is married to a white woman.

hussein machozi

Source: Millard Ayo

I wonder who will be next.

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