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She’s Grown Up! Meet The Late Angela Chibalonza’s Beautiful Daughter

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On September 22, 2007 renowned gospel singer, Angela Chibalonza, shuttered the hearts of many when news broke that she had taken her last breath.

Angela together with her driver Kennedy Aluoch and one of her vocalists, Nimrod Makori, lost their lives to a tragic accident along the Naivasha-Nairobi highway. She left a 9-month-old baby girl and two boys, Wonder Muliri, who is all grown up now.

11 years later Angela’s husband, Bishop Elisha Muliri, has finally introduced baby Wonder to the world.

He was visiting Bishop Musili during a launch of a new branch of ATG church. He shared Bishop Elisha’s story; the devastating yet empowering experience of bringing up Wonder and the two boys on his own for the last decade.

He wrote on Facebook,

“Bishop Muliri said he couldn’t count the many times he suckled her daughter to make her feel her mother’s presence. ‘When my wife Angela died in 2007 in a grisly road accident in Naivasha, Wonder would cry for her mum and me too cry for my wife and amidst all these tears, I would suckle her to sooth her to sleep, it was really touching’.”

Meet the beautiful Wonder Muliri.
angela chibalonza daughter picture

Source: Pastor MusiliGospe

Death is a devastating blow that takes time to heal. We are inspired by just how amazingly strong Pastor Muliri was during that trying time and the fact that he pulled through regardless of the circumstances.

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