Nick Odhiambo Discloses The Bizzare Reason Why He Shaved His Dreadlocks

Nick Odhiambo Discloses The Bizzare Reason Why He Shaved His Dreads

There was a time Nick Odhiambo used to look like mau mau fighter.

His dreads were long and his face was tough. However, after seven years of growing out his locks, Nick Odhiambo had them chopped off at the popular Posh Palace.

At that time, he wrote:

After 7years time to let the locks go thanks, @BettyMKyallo @PoshPalaceKenya #Newlook.”Nick Tweeted before adding “Odhis the #ChickMagnet Slay Queens you may throw yourselves at [email protected]

A lot of people didn’t know why Nick decided to cut the signature dreadlocks that made everyone recognize him. Well, the presenter stopped by Ebru TV’s Talk Central to explain why.

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Nick explained that he shaved his dreads and lost weight because he wanted to revamp his life after a HIV scare. Apparently, he was sleeping with a slay queen without protection.

I decided to cut off my dreads because it was October the cancer awareness month, I had changed jobs and some things had happened in my life and I decided to change everything. In 2017 something happened in my life and I said ‘Dear God I will not do this again.’ Eh, it’s a messed up story.

He expounded further:

 I was messing around with this chic then after messing around for some time I found out that she has got HIV. Weh! Weh! Eeh! I went to the hospital I did all those tests and I said ‘God to give me another chance I will never let you down. Let me change my life.’ Everything just started happening, I changed houses, changed girlfriends, the only thing I had remained was the job and the look. So I got a job at a Swahili station and as things were going on I just had to get rid of the look. That’s how the look changed.


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