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Sauti Sol’s Chimano Wore Nail Polish & Kenyan Men Cannot Handle It

Chimano gay
We can’t deny that Sauti Sol keeps making good music.

Everytime Short n’ sweet comes on everyone gets their odi dance on. Saying we are crushing on them would be an understatement. To be specific, Chimano’s wardrobe is one we would like to raid because this guy always turns heads with his out of the box outfits.

For the longest time his sexuality has been the topic of discussion and although he doesn’t deny the fact that he’s gay, he has remained low-key about his sexual orientation. However, this past weekend this topic came up again.

This past weekend, he debuted another look that had people on the fence. Check out the photo below:

Chimano gay

Source: Instagram/IamChimano

From the photo, you can clearly see his chipped nail polish and that’s what made people uncomfortable. His comment section was filled with homophobic profanities.

miyethemiyeThis how you know someone wants a dick inside his ass

omarion_4Ww Kenya hatupendiii mashogaaaa pumbavuuu unakaaa kidem dem peleka ushoga America uko

iamchimano@omarion_4 stupid question, stupid reasoning or lack thereof, coming here with assumptions! you don’t know my life!!! Kwa hayo machache endelea kupiga domo…

chelimo_kerubowether gay, heterosexual, bi, trans, queer, none gender etc guys relax… it’s his don’t have to judge this guy harshly he is living his life pocketing his money to the bank at the end of the day you should applaud a brother/sis instead of being a keyboard gangster @iamchimano do you!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

swahilifoodThe comments on here ?‍♀️ I’m appalled. When someone looks different from you, it’s not an invitation for you to start labelling them! Life is short! There are problems out there. Use your energy to fuel better things like helping society not trying to break a fellow human down. Smh. @iamchimano, do you darling

phelohYaaani chimano ni ukweli we ni Mende


Well, Kenyan men have a long way to go in understanding the fact that sexual orientation is a choice and people can do as they please even if it doesn’t fit in society’s definition of what’s right.

That said, there are a lot of celebrities who rock nail polish and it has nothing to do with their sexual orientation so Chimano is definitely not the first man to wear nail polish. Fragile masculinity is such a disease that makes people comment on such things. Oh well, we are still looking out for new Sauti Sol music and Chimano’s sultry deep voice.

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