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Oh No! Here’s Why Saumu Mbuvi Has Deleted Bae’s Photos On Social Media

Saumu Mbuvi boyfriend

As humans, we always have a burning need to show off our sweethearts.

Saumu Mbuvi has been showing off her bae since back in May when the two began dating. She has been looking really happy in her pictures and we’ve all been envious of her. I mean, who doesn’t want a good relationship?

Sonko’s daughter found her new man after she broke up with Benson, the father of her child. There was controversy when she first showed him off to the world, with some saying that he was someone’s husband. Saumu ignored the hate nevertheless and continued living La Vida Loca (the good life).

Saumu Mbuvi Boyfriend

However, in a move that has shocked people, she has decided to pull down her bae’s photos from her social media account. Apparently, the reasons for this is negative energy from people who don’t want to see her relationship thriving.

She posted the following after deleting the pics:

Saumu Mbuvi Instagram post

Different people have different opinions about this but perhaps it’s not wise to publicize your relationship online after all. We’ve witnessed much-publicized relationships like that of Otile and Vera crumble.  Another example is Zari and Diamond.

All’s not gloom and doom though. There are public relationships that have stood the test of time too. An example is DJ Mo and Size 8. See?  My advice would be that you use your own judgment and know what is best for your relationship.